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Ferries in Greece and to Turkey


Ferry Schedules are subject to change according to weather or daily circumstances.
For the ferry connections which is not listed above, please contact us by E-mail.
Greek Ferries are the primary means of transport to and from the islands, and the trip is an experience to be savored, like a cruise (sometimes). Islands like Lesvos, Rhodes and Crete are best reached by ferry because the trip is overnight and it is like being in a big moving hotel.

A really nice cabin for two should cost about 120 euros or so. Santorini should be appoached by ferry for the view which is breathtaking and worth the 8-10 hour trip, especially if you can get there in the late afternoon. Flying Dolphins are more like planes than ferries. You sit in airplane seats and unless you stand by the door and watch the islands go by it is like being on a turbulant jet flight. There are windows but they are always covered with salt and spray and you can not see anything. The giant high-speed Catamarans and modern super ferries like the Aeolis Express are like being on a modern spaceship on the sea. There are rows of comfortable seats, tables, TVs, game rooms, and snack bars with pretty decent food. Not as good as the restaurants on the overnight ferries but spanakopitas, sandwiches and if you are on a good one terrific coffee and espresso. They are also more expensive but you can be in Mykonos harbor in about 3 hours and Sifnos in about 2 hours. You can be in Santorini in under 5 on the Hellas Flying Dolphin high speed catamarans. You can even be in Lesvos or Crete in six hours. But you have to ask yourself would you rather be sitting in an airplane seat for 6 hours and arrive late at night and have to pay for a hotel? Or would you rather have a cabin, have a nice meal in the ships restaurant, go to the lounge for a drink, go to your cabin and read and then fall asleep and wake up the next morning on the island?


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