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The Gallipoli Peninsula has had a long and remarkable history extending from before the Peloponnesian Wars. Its rugged landscape and historic towns provide the backdrop to the battlefields of 1915, places of heroism and sacrifice which are of immense national significance to Turks, Australians and New Zealanders.
The Gallipoli Peninsula is a long narrow rugged isthmus dominated by high hills. It is on one of the major bird migration routes from Northern Europe to Africa. Thirty kilometres north is the town of Gallipoli, on the ´Asian side´ of the Dardanelles is the city of Çanakkale (55,000) and to the south are the ruins of what is thought to be the ancient citadel of Troy.
The Gallipoli Peninsula has been a bridgehead, a barrier and a meeting place for different cultures over the centuries. In 1973, the Republic of Turkey made the decision to show ´that no war is cause for permanent hostilities but can serve as a basis for friendships as well. In the spirit of this, the area has been designated a National Park. It covers 33,000 hectares (330 square kilometres). The geology, archaeology and environment of the Gallipoli Peninsula have made Gallipoli a popular tourist spot.
At the end of the Great War, the Allies returned to the Gallipoli Peninsula and cleared the battlefields of the bodies still unburied. In the nine months of the campaign more than 36,000 Commonwealth soldiers died and Australia suffered 26 094 casualties. The 31 war cemeteries on the peninsula contain 22,000 graves, but only 9000 of these were able to be identified.
For many years, very few travellers visited Gallipoli. In more recent times, the battles that took place there have become significant to many people interested in their family history and their country’s wartime heritage. Along with a general increase in tourism more young backpackers from Australia, New Zealand and Britain have begun to include the Gallipoli Peninsula Peace Park in their itinerary.

Pasifik Travel´s Anzac programs will take you on a pilgrimage of culture, history and remembrance. The battlefields and trenches are explored and we visit the cemeteries and memorials where you can pay your respect for the lives that were tragically lost on both sides, in one of history´s bloodiest battles in Anzac area.
We offer you 2 value added Anzac tours, both allowing you to experience a fantastic Anzac Day in Turkey. While Standard Anzac tours provide you with less inclusion for lower rates, specially created Superior Anzac tours allow you to get the best from your Anzac 2007 discovery with more inclusions, unique add-ons and reasonable prices.
We hope one of these Anzac tour packages will serve your needs.


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